Women's Health & Family Planning

Women's Health & Family Planning

The objective at the Greenlea Clinic is to provide you with holistic based women’s health care that is discreet and non-judgmental. Women have unique health care needs. There are numerous screening tools a woman can avail of to promote good health and below are some of these services.
Cervical Check Screening

This programme was set up for all the women in Ireland to avail of a free smear test. Here at the Greenlea Clinic, we are delighted to participate in such a wonderful programme. For more details please click here to visit our cervical screening webpage.


It is so important for all women of all ages to be breast aware. Self-examination is recommended monthly because in doing so you will become familiar with your own breasts and know what is normal for you. You should look and feel for changes.

NEVER IGNORE BREAST CHANGES as early diagnosis is crucial.

The National Breast Cancer Screening programme offers free breast cancer screening every two years for women aged fifty to sixty-four. By being breast aware you will have the ability to recognise any unusual changes that may occur.

Breast examinations can be carried out during a routine consultation and we would be more than happy to teach you how to do self-examination also.

Our practice follows the National Breast Cancer GP Referral Guidelines and we generally refer to St. James' Hospital. For more details please click here.


There is a wide variety of contraception available today. We will try to assist you with choosing one that suits your situation and lifestyle. Contraception may come in the form of a pill either combined or progesterone only, a patch, by injection, vaginal ring or by fitting a device such as the coil or implanon (commonly known as the 'bar in your arm').

Here at the Greenlea Clinic, we can facilitate you with whatever contraception you decide to use. The best method of Contraception will depend on your age, smoking status, weight and family history. All methods of contraception can be explained by your Nurse or Doctor in relation to their effectiveness, how they work and things to consider prior to commencing same.

Contraception generally protects you from unplanned pregnancy but will not protect you against sexually transmitted infections. It is always advisable to use condoms as they can help protect against STI's.

Sexually Transmitted Infections

Sexually Transmitted Infections are caused by specific bacteria and viruses. There are many different STIs’ with some are more common than others. Most STIs' can be cured with specific medication. However some of them can only be treated to reduce symptoms but will stay in your system once you have been infected.

Here at the Greenlea Clinic, we offer you a screening service which would include swabs and blood tests to screen for an array of sexually transmitted infections. STIs' are passed on during sexual contact with somebody who already has an STI.

If you're worried that you might have an STI or even at risk after unsafe sex, the first thing to do is to get yourself screened. This screening test can be carried out by either your Nurse or Doctor. It is best to attend in the clinic in the morning time as the sample can be sent to the lab swiftly and your nurse or doctor can provide you with written information and answer any questions you may have regarding STIs'.

You can book your appointments by phone at 01 490 8979, by email at greenleaclinic@gmail.com, in person at reception or by simply filling out the contact form below.


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